Seeing the Master Through the Storms

They are calling it “Frankenstorm”.  Hurricane Sandy, as “she” runs up the eastern seaboard, could very well be one of those “perfect storms” that occur roughly every hundred years !  It’s possible millions here could be without power for lengthy periods of time but even in this God has a plan !! As a Christian sometimes you can almost see God’s hand at work with great clarity even amidst life’s storms. Yesterday I was noticing how fast the leaves are falling off our trees which will make the limbs less heavy when snow and ice come and minimizing the damage.  Newscasters are saying it could prevent people from voting in the upcoming election, which would likely most impede those who wouldn’t otherwise have the drive to vote and instead want someone else to cart them off to a polling place.  Those of higher moral character would still find a way to cast their ballot and improve the chances of electing likeminded folks !  Many have my prayers been that God would usher into office in our nation people who would love God and serve others over self.   So, we’re reminded once again, that even despite life’s “storms” God is working out something very good ~ (Rom.8:28).

Satan may conjur up a storm but God will have the final say in your life !  He did with Job, He can with you !!  As we went through the book of Job during our Midweek services this year we were all reminded of this but let me remind you that though Job had a lot of loss, God more than made up for that in the end.  The  book ends thus: “So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning. . . ” (42:12).

Remember the great lesson in the gospel of Matthew where the disciples saw the Lord walking on the water during a great storm and Peter actually walked briefly with Him on it?    Recall it was only when Peter took his sight off Christ that he began to sink (Mt.14:30).  Have you a storm today or like us in our region, is one brewing?  Keep you focus on Jesus Christ !  You’ll be fine.   So if our power gets knocked out and the blogs aren’t written here for a while, rest assured the hand of God is at work even amidst the great storms of life and our task, like Job, is to keep walking with Him and know that He is going to bless considerably through them !

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