By Means of His Spirit

Yesterday we spent some time with Ty. He’s been wanting to come over and learn about football since he is planning on playing this fall. So we went over some basic things and we threw the ball around a bit. He asked a lot of questions as he’s anxious to learn the sport and do well in it.  Isn’t it cool that God allows us the privilege of not only learning but teaching?!   Passing on what He has allowed us to know.

As Jesus spent three years or so teaching His disciples and showing them His example they no doubt had a lot to share to the new and flourishing church as it began in Acts.  And you’ll recall from Acts 1 that prior to His ascending back into heaven He was serious about them teaching what they had learned to others who hadn’t had the same privilege they’d had. “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be My witnesses. . . ” (1:8).  Yes He wanted them and us to share what He has with us: salvation and of course how to live once we are saved but something we often forget in our imparting of truth to others is the precise manner in which ministry is to be done, namely, by means of the Spirit !

If we do what we do, teaching or anything else, simply in the power of the flesh it will never have the force by which it could nor will it be rewarded at His judgment seat.  But if we allow His Spirit to empower us and when we have then we minister to folks, the effect is monumental !     Next time you get a chance to witness for Christ and you balk for some reason, ask His help and then do it.  If you teach a class at church or you serve in any other capacity and you do it for and in the power of His Spirit, rest assured good things can only result.  As you go to work, as you go through your day, give Him total control as Paul wrote to the Romans that familiar passage: “. . . that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice. . . ” (12:1) and expect God to work in marvelous ways through YOU !   Teaching others what God has shown you is exciting, but teaching when God is truly empowering you is eternally impacting !!!!

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