Mighty is our God

Tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, torrential rain.  We all get a vivid reminder through these just Who is truly in charge don’t we?   In the midst of all these weather events and their aftermath we see how small we are and how big the Lord is.  We see how dependent we are to be on Him despite our desire to not be so many times.  I was looking at pictures on the internet last evening of flooding  just in our state alone and they were incredible to say the least.

I’m reminded of what the Lord said to Job, “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?” (Job 38:4) & “Canst thou lift up thy voice to the clouds, that abundance of waters may cover thee?” (38:34).   Some may think they can do a pagan rain dance to a good shower but ultimately only God is in charge of the elements and any such efforts or thoughts to the contrary are a blasphemous attempt at denying His power and Person !!  So, the answer to God’s query here is “Man, you can’t do what I can”.

In reference to verse 4, NO man was there when God created this universe yet Satan has the audacity, as do men who are influenced by him, to dare to counter God’s version of how the worlds began in Genesis with the teachings of evolution.  I sat in a room full of highly educated engineers a couple of years ago doing a Bible study through Genesis and concluded as we studied the creation account that the bottom line is I wasn’t there at creation nor were they nor were their college evolutionary professors. Everyone takes what happened then by FAITH.   I told them I will believe God’s version over man’s every time !!   It takes more faith to believe we came from pond scum, amoebas, or a monkey than it does to simply believe God spoke and the worlds came to be ! Evolution is Lucifer’s way of crumbling the foundation of the Bible and usurping the power of God !!   But more on that for another time and check the website answersingenesis.com  if you want to delve further as well. It’s well worth the time to look at it.

Anyone who has ever truly trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior by asking Him to forgive them for being a sinner and asking Him to be their Savior knows something of the power of God.  You see the evidences in your life of a genuine conversion. You think more spiritually, you see a change in your speech, actions, etc. That is a taste of His power in YOU !   So when you see all those pictures and news reports of weather disturbances, remember God is in charge.  And as you then go about your day, trust His strength, lean on His wisdom in His Word, stop the worrying and cast all you care upon Him for He cares for YOU (1Pt.5:7).  Aren’t you glad such a powerful God truly does ?!!!

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