The “No Brainer” way to go !!

It was a great blessing yesterday to have had a baptism and seen several follow the Lord in that.  Also one of our newer members gave a great testimony of how the Lord has worked in his life and brought him, like the prodigal son, from the depths of sin to the a life that now loves the Lord and a church who loves Him as well.  As I baptized our newest members and heard from another, I was reminded of how loving and gracious a God we have !

In our area we have a prominent university and like most of those in our nation the values of the Anti-Christ rather than THE Christ pervade and so any given Friday or Saturday night, especially, the lines are long to get into the bars and the one night stands and “casual hookups” affect around 80% of the student population.  Students have been slickered by the devil’s vast propoganda machine (secular education, Hollywood notions, etc.) to follow the path of sin rather than the Savior.  Yet as the one testimony went yesterday, what initially may be fun to the sinner and “feels right” turns out to be just as God has said, “there is way which seemeth right unto man but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Prov.14:12).

Aren’t you glad, Christian, God has given you not only eternal life but also provides abundant life for us here as well.  We don’t have to be enslaved any more to the ways of the flesh since we have the permanent indwelling of the Spirit !  And this spells for us who choose to walk in the ways of the Lord, a better and more satisfying and thus God honoring life !   Joshua put it well when he said, “Choose you this day whom ye will serve. . . but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Josh.24:15) !!!  So today, take a moment to thank Him for life and for His Word which shows you how to make the right choices, and then for His Spirit who is there to strengthen you to live right. Enjoy the abundant life as you walk with Him !

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