Paid in Full

Some years ago I recall my grandfather leaning against my childhood farm’s pasture fence and telling me if I ever needed any money for the church or myself to let him know as he made so much each day in interest from his life’s savings. Immediately I thanked him but told him to hang on to his money as people live so much longer these days and he would likely need a good deal of it for his own care. But honoring his lifelong willingness to give I did say if a legitimate need arose with our church I would consider his offer.  I’m glad we didn’t ever need to though and he was able to live out his days taken care of.  But it was also comforting knowing he cared and sufficient help was available in a pinch.

But only a couple years before he passed he decided to give a small sum to each of his grandkids. We took ours and paid off our car loan which at the time was only about a year or so away from finishing but it was wonderful to be able to go into the bank and leave with a receipt stating, “Paid in Full” !  These illustrations are fitting for today as we remember the cross of Jesus Christ.

The apostle John beheld His suffering at Calvary and as He was about to finally lay down His life, the writer records these precious, eternally redeeming words:  “It is finished” (Jn.19:30) !!!   Likely, it was just one word in all Christ uttered which translates into three in our tongue. It was “Tetelestai” !!   And it is in a tense in the language which means it has been done and has lasting results !!  In short, there is no need to redo it !

Centuries before, David had written this in the great Messianic psalm foretelling of the cross, Psalms 22: “They shall come, and shall declare His righteousness unto a people that shall be born, that He hath done this” (vs.31).  Its the exact same idea !!!  The cross, said Jesus and David is  done deal.  There is nothing we can add or need to add to achieve salvation. There is everything available to meet our utter deficiency.  The “money” is in the bank, its been drawing interest, so to speak.  The love has been demonstrated and when the gift has been accepted the account is marked “Paid in Full” !!!

What about your account? Have you accepted this precious gift of salvation paid with such a high cost over two millenia ago?  Have you like that penitent thief asked for forgiveness of your sin and trusted Him (not your works) to save your soul?  If you have, have you told Him thank you lately?  And would you honor Him by taking some time real soon this Easter weekend to tell someone what the cross truly means and/or invite them to your church so they can hear it?  Make God happy this Easter in these ways and remember though you may have earthly debts your heavenly one has been erased in the bank of heaven thanks to our gracious Savior !!

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