Peace through the Busyness

Man, oh man, oh man – what a busy two days we just had.  After preaching at our church on Sunday we hopped in the car and headed for Illinois to see a very good friend and her husband who had a work related accident recently.  God blessed us with a wonderful visit.   Then on to my wife’s side of the family for Christmas day in Indiana and back again to Pennsylvania to beat the blizzard that is supposed to come !  So we got home last evening around midnight and I quickly tried to turn off images of tractor trailers and billboards in my mind.   At any rate, it was a short but nice time. Life can be hectic but life with the Lord is certainly a rich and interesting experience !

But when life becomes a blur we need to put on the brakes though and find a little quiet time on the road of life, we need to get out and stretch the legs at the rest stop of Christ. As we pass through these holidays, remember through all the activity to stay focused on Him and not leave Him “in the dust” so to speak.  Take some time today to just sit down with an open Bible and slowly read His Word allowing it to soak in, thinking about what it says and how it applies.  Lift up some prayers to Him for others but also in adoration for Him. Pray about your own walk with Him, asking Him for strength for today, to be a good testimony around family (some who may only see you at this time of year) so that they go away having seen Jesus in you !  Despite the busyness of this time remember that it is also an opportunity for you to minister and when you do you also receive the satisfaction God brings when encouraging someone else.

Do you need a little spiritual “fill up”?  He’s there for you.  Isn’t that great knowing that as hectic as things can get, the Prince of Peace awaits with open arms?    Have a great holiday week as you fellowship with family and friend but also with our Greatest Friend and Family Member for this is key as you cruise through these busy days.

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