Peace to Men of Good Will

The Twelve Days of Christmas in ancient tradition was typically started on Dec.25 and ran until Jan.5 with varying customs such as the giving of gifts each of these twelve days.  But I would like to start today and go until our Christmas day giving you something to ponder, to focus you more on this special time and help you through what can often be hectic as well !

So for the first day, let’s consider a “Christmas verse”, namely Luke 2:14:   “Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” As we go through the days leading up to Christmas remember that all you do, think, and say should give Him glory.  He is to have the preeminence and when He truly does, you will truly experience the rest of the verse.    Liberal theologians are always preaching the brotherhood of man, that is we are all one and we should all put aside doctrinal differences and just “love one another.”   But the angels’ pronouncement is to be better understood that they desired God’s glory and on earth peace, and here it comes, “to men of good will.” !   God doesn’t give His peace to those who choose to live as they want with disregard to the Word, but He promises peace, real peace, as an indication that you are truly submissive to Him (Gal.5).  Too many folks today seek alleviation from life’s stresses through alcohol, pills, etc. but God holds out to whosoever will want it and seek it His way !

Not long ago a sister in Christ, Sarah Palin, was verbally assaulted by a liberal commentator in an extremely graphic and repugnant way. This same commentator had a show on a network our President and first lady love and love to appear on. It’s clear who are the “good guys” and “bad guys” when you know the Bible and God’s peace.  But the commentator relented after much pressure and issued a public apology. Mrs. Palin was asked about it and her response was  not to respond in kind but to say her task is to forgive !  What a good example to our nation of moral leadership and of peace despite the lack of it in many other’s hearts these days. Show that Christmas peace yourself, let your demeanor be a gift to all around you too !!

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