Picking up the spiritual pace

Well, there’s almost one month down for the year.  Why does it seem as you age time goes faster? What happened to January, huh?  I think a lot of it is just plain old busyness.  We get involved with things and before you know it the day is done, the week is over, the month is toast ! Paul penned to the Ephesian believers that we are to be “redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” (Eph.5:16).  Or as the Greek infers “make the best use of time. . . ”  because time is so short here for us all.  We never know how much God has for us.

On a positive note we are one month closer to heaven !!  But what did you do FOR the Lord this past month, really?  Could you look back at the past month and say you did well reading the Bible?  How was your attendance at church, faithful or sporadic?  Did you support God’s work in your local church with your tithes and talents? And if so,  how so?  With quality or no? Be honest !!!  Did you witness to someone last month? Were you more critical or encouraging to those around you?  Did people notice the joy of the Lord in your life or someone who was miserable or erratic in their demeanor?   Did you make good time for those you love ?

This past month you registered a part of your life in God’s record book and though none of us can say we did the month with perfection we ought to be able to say, by His grace, we had a pretty good month spiritually speaking.   If so, rejoice in the Lord for His strength and strides He allowed you to make but if not, there is a new month ahead and determine to be surrendered completely to Him to live a balanced and blessed month FOR Him and BY Him.  New adventures await you if you look for them, not the same ole same ole when you truly live for Him !  So how about it, are you up for a great month? God is – join Him !!

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