I AM Praying for YOU

I had a lady call our church today with a rather unusual request.  Typically calls are of the nature: I need you to do something for me (be it salespeople, people who won’t work, etc.) but this one was refreshingly different. Instead it was, “Our ministry will be praying for you and your church this week, so how may we pray?”   As I gave her some info to pray for she then stepped it up and asked if she could pray with me right then over the phone.  What a joy it was to hear her pray specifically for our church, my wife and myself !! She prayed with enthusiasm, compassion and an earnest desire for God to bless us.  Then as we ended our conversation I thanked her and she said “I am praying for YOU !”

It kind of reminded me of Jesus’ “High Priestly Prayer” in John 17 in which He prayed not just for those men He’d spent great time and energy discipling during His earthly ministry, but also He prayed for YOU !  Listen to His prayer here, “Neither pray I for these (His apostles) alone, but for them also which shall (into the future) believe on Me through their Word (that’s you once you have been saved !!!)   [Jn.17:20].  How exciting that He tells us He prayed (and by the way, still does) for YOU !

So the next time you’re a little discouraged, tempted, plain worn out, just remember someone is praying for YOU, it may be your pastor, a family member or a church member, but even moreso He is praying for YOU.   The cults can’t brag about that, YOU can !!

I think sometimes we let great opportunities slip by us as we get busy and forget to just pray, or we neglect to tell others we have or will pray for them about something specific then follow it up with more prayer and letting them know.  How encouraging prayer can be to us

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