How can we prevent another Movie Theater Shooting?

The website features today a little blurb about how do we stop such tragedies as the recent shooting in a Colorado movie theater?  Wouldn’t it be so nice if we could do something to prevent such horrors from happening in the future? The liberal’s say take away our guns. But there is a right solution.  The good news is you can !   With the help of the good news !!! They have said Aurora has been dubbed one of the safest cities in the nation, hmm?  Then can any “safe” towns be that safe?  No ! sinners live in them and the Word of God if not influencing a community makes it less safe.  But YOU have the opportunity each day to influence lives by living for Christ around folks.

It is very important that you take seriously your testimony, that you take opportunities to share the gospel and you get to know folks for some may be struggling greatly, upset at the world, ready to blow and God may just use you to help bring them to Christ ! This is no game, its time you made a difference !!  Last night I took my wife for a diet coke at McDonalds and as we pulled up to the driveway one of the teens at our church called out through the speaker to get my order. After a little ribbing over the intercom I then pulled up to give him the money and he had brought another coworker over with a question about the Bible !  It can be as simple as that, starting to chat about the Lord and His Word and initiating conversations which can lead to conversions in time and a safer, godlier world as these folks start to plug in to good churches to ground them in the faith !!

So God is the solution to a safer world or should I say God working through YOU !!!  Let’s go to work, we have much to do !! Outside YOUR door is the mission field !!!


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