Putting the First in Noel

Two days before Christmas. Lots to do for the adults and time is going by so fast.  For the kids, oh so slow.  Remember those days? Uggh, will it ever get here?  I recall my older brother waking me up around 4 a.m. coming back to our room and telling me what was under the tree. Probably not long after our parents finally got in bed ! But as you age the excitement shifts to even better things, I think.  You come to realize what Christmas is really all about as you understand Scripture more and you appreciate the precious times given at this season with family and friends.   Maturity tends to change perspective. Yet as some of us know (your names shall remain anonymous, ha) aging doesn’t necessarily mean maturity.

I cannot help but think of three dear friends of the Lord’s. They were likely favorites of His as He ventured in His travels and came near Jerusalem: the siblings, Mary, Martha & Lazarus.  That interesting account in Luke 10 where Christ is visiting them and Mary draws close leaving the household duties for a bit to hear the Son of God teach.  And Martha, perhaps muttering under her breath, that she has been abandoned with the meal preparations.  Two different sisters , two different perspectives.  One gal was focused on getting things done for the Lord, the other on the Lord getting things done in her !  Which are you?  Christmas time can really bring that to the forefront.  And what did Jesus say?  “Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things; but ONE THING IS NEEDFUL; and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”  (10:41-42).

That one thing was to put the Lord TRULY first, even above all the things we may be doing for Him, that in themselves are good.  Martha was fixing a meal FOR Him, was she not?  Yes, but I think He would’ve enjoyed it more had she sat as Mary did first. The turkey and stuffing can wait !  Sometimes we “serve the Lord” and work hard to feel better about ourselves, or make ourselves look better to others. And we get so busy in routines, holiday or otherwise and leave Him in the dust.    Did you catch the italicized word in the verses above?  Mary’s spiritual growth and maturity is seen in that given the option, she would elect to put Him first !  Are you?  Those things you do this time of year, is it about appearances and putting family first or Him?   Gifts and even family & friends can be taken from us but Jesus said when we choose Him that can never “be taken away” !   Choose Him to be the center of all your Christmas doings this year !!


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