Are you ready for some “football”?

I’m psyched, football has officially begun here in Happy Valley ! Last night the high schools started and today Penn State plays their first game too. So you may have to bear with some football analogies in the near future, ha !   Penn State plays a team today that most feel will be a pretty easy game for them however next week Alabama comes to town and many believe that team will win it all this year !

There are some great lessons here.  Sometimes on our “life schedule” we face situations which look pretty manageable to us, we’ve been there done that and we think we can leave God totally out of the matter. On the other hand, we can have an adversity so daunting that we can  run from it and miss out on what God could’ve done as well.   Each situation however calls us to lean on Him just as Solomon taught in Proverbs 3:5,6, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowlegde Him and He shall direct thy paths.”

Football experts say that a big game can truly show a team where they are at. So can big tests reveal where we’re at spiritually too. In that sense we can be very grateful for them ! So if your game ahead looks pretty easy, it’s still good to tackle it in the strength of the Lord humlby depending upon the Lord and not make the error that Israel did with being overconfident at Ai: “. . .and make not all the people to labor thither ; for they are but few”  (Josh.7:3).     But if your upcoming contest looks so difficult you don’t even try, remember you still have the same God that other believers before you did.  They climbed extremely difficult mountains that otherwise would’ve truly been impossible in their own strength.  No matter what we need to bear in mind the battle is the Lord’s.  So strap on the helmet and come to enjoy not avoid the challenges God allows on your schedule !!

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