The real Weatherman !

So even though the groundhog claims spring is coming early old man winter has definite opinions otherwise in our region !  New England is supposed to be pummeled with snow.  Superstition, predictions – man at best is only doing guesswork as to what God really intends to do !! One thing is certain though, the Lord is on the throne and He does what is right and best for us at all times.  Job 37:5-6 says, “God  thunder marvelously with His voice; great things does He which we cannot comprehend: For He says to the snow ‘Be thou on the earth. . . ”

The Word of God is powerful. With one command He can set in motion a blizzard of epic proportions that can affects millions of people.  Logan International Airport in Boston has cancelled all flights today.  And we think we’re  pretty powerful and have arrived by inventing air travel while God can ground it all in an instant with the breath of His voice !    “Who is like unto the Lord our God, Who dwells on high?” said the psalmist in Ps.113:5 !!    So when you are uncertain, felling spiritually anemic, when you’re tempted to worry, when its enticing to go with the flow of this old world, or you struggle with doubt in some way remember that He Who controls the weather has a solid and sure Word readily available for you to read and follow through life’s adventures.

If something isn’t specifically spelled out in His Word that you have questions about, the principles are in the Bible to be able to discern truth from error.    This will steer you aright no matter what the issue you deal with.  Music? Entertainment choices? Career paths? Relationships? etc.   His Word is true, His Word is powerful, His Word is reliable, so be wary of  the world’s shifting ideas and trust in what He says !!!

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