A Reliable Friend

When I was a boy we had this dog wander to our farm and we found out later from his owner his name was George. When I first saw George he had this cord wrapped tightly around his neck, so I got him to come to me and slowly unwound it from him so he could breathe better and be freed from its  choke hold on him. George really appreciated that gesture, in fact so much so when we returned him he would always make his way back and look for me. When I was around so was he, following me everywhere.  I’d cup my hand behind me and he would rest his jaw in it as he walked behind me.  George was a faithful friend and that reliability was based in his love and gratitude for his new found master.

The Lamed part of our Psalm (vss.89-96) takes up the issue of reliability.  The first verse states without equivocation, “For ever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven.”  What does that mean? In a word, reliability !  You can count on what the Bible says, period. It’s settled, certain, firm, reliable !!    Unlike man’s word, which is often quite the opposite, God can be trusted.  This verse speaks of absolutes unlike the changing ideas of this sinful world’s .  God, then, makes a comparison in vs.90, “Thy faithfulness is unto all generations: Thou hast established the earth, and it abideth.”   The earth also abides which is the same Hebrew word used in vs.91 for “continue” both of which mean to stand or to remain.  Spring comes again, winter fades, year after year, day after day until God says otherwise !  His Word ushered in our universe, His Word will usher it out too (2 Pt.3:10) !

As a child of God, what you have in the Bible is POWERFUL and partly because it is reliable !  The “progressives” of our day, politically and religiously say that they can fashion man with their education and liberal values into the “perfect man”.  They court people’s votes and cultivate people’s minds with slick promises and barren ideas that leave people empty. They trash the Word of God as out of date and anyone who believes in it as mindless and spew hate against those who love the Lord and dare to stand on His Word.  Maybe you have heard in the news of the backlash over Kirk Cameron simply stating homosexuality is not God’s will and the venom he has been subjected to by those who disagree. They will come to realize one day they are woefully and eternally wrong. Only God using His Word can better us and bring us more into the image of Jesus Christ.

If the world gets worse in pushing the envelope against the Lord and His Word (and prophecy says it will) do not lose heart, they may rant and rave against truth but it will endure !  The final verse says, “I have seen an end of all perfection: but Thy commandment is exceeding broad.” He sees the limits of man’s wiles and is assured that the Word is reliable.  Men may belittle you for your faith in the Bible, but God remains on the throne, His Word will forever stand. So whether its knowing which way to decide or not buckling to the pressures of this old world remember you have a sure footing and like old George, a reliable God since He is love and truth !

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