Relief from the heat

Well, it’s July again and with it warm temperatures, and around here of late, very warm !   It sure makes you appreciate the blessing of air conditioning, ice tea, and a nice shady tree !   I do not know how people in the deep south survive quite frankly.  But  I am reminded as a believer in Christ of the passage in Luke 16 of a man who had no such relief and so these hot temps encourage me to be better at evangelism !   Read what Jesus told us of the man who was in hell, “And he cried and said ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.’ (vs24).

What we tend to forget through the hustle and bustle of life is that this is a very real happening with many who have already ended up in hell and will be for many headed there.  We get spiritually lethargic and maybe even stick our heads in the proverbial sand about the plight of souls around us. Do you know someone who is unsaved as yet? I’m sure you do, perhaps a coworker, neighbor or even relative.  Odds are there is even someone in your own church who professes to be saved but they truly aren’t for they have prayed the ‘sinners prayer’ without the proper understanding or sincerity needful for a genuine conversion.  They did so to “fit in” but manifest not the signs of a true believer.

Some years back I recall speaking with a teen about her soul. She was cold as ice spiritually despite having attended a wonderful church and Christian school.  I wondered if she were really born again and asked her as tactfully and concerned as I could. Her response confirmed to me she was not but it was years later she came back to me saying our conversation that day was the impetus that the Lord used to bring her to true salvation !   Time is fleeting, life is short and we never know when someone we know or love will be gone, so why not commit yourself today while its hot to the same reminder of being a better evangelist.  Grab some tracts at church to start the conversation rolling and give someone one, share how you were saved to another who is unsure of their eternal destiny but be committed to giving out the greatest message there is in the gospel of Jesus Christ.     In so doing you make the world a much better place, you give a soul relief from eternal heat to come !!

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