Your Role in Honoring Mom

Today is Mother’s Day and fittingly so we are to honor those ladies who helped give us birth and for some, even those who helped give us new birth as many Mom’s have prayed that sinner’s prayer with their children.  The holiday itself is not yet a century old officially in our nation as it was passed as a holiday by Congress in 1914 but it is one of our good traditions as Scripture admonished us to give “honor to whom honor” is due” (Rom.13:7).  As in the Ten Commandments “Honor thy Father and thy Mother” (Ex.20:12) there is the idea of reverence in these words “honor” which is the clear command to us, hence out role.

Practically, we should never speak otherwise TO or OF Mom !  Some Mom’s have not been very good ones, granted, but her position from God as your Mom mandates a show of respect just the same.  For some of us, their good examples make the command an easy one to fulfill.   Early on in life as a child our honoring of Mom was to be largely obedience but as we mature this climaxes to respect, while the obedience as the child comes out from under the parental role and establishes their own home and family, recedes.  You may also honor Mom by staying in touch and making time for them.  Its easy to neglect this with all of life’s constant demands but it shows your love and desire to honor them. I find it enjoyable to pick up the phone at least once a week and chat with the parents.

Perhaps best of all you honor Mom by living a life that is Christlike !  I still recall Joe Paterno’s Mom bragging to me of her son and his many accomplishments. She looked at me with those deep set eyes and thick glasses and said, “Do you know who my son is?”   I’m not advocating sinful bragging, nor am I suggesting she was but I am saying there ought to be a good pride if they could see us now !  Some can, but for those who have passed on before us, live as though they are, who knows, they just may be !!!   Happy Mother’s day to all the Mom’s and for the rest of us make it a Happy one for them !!

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