Shoot a Text !

I got a text early this morning from a church member with a little emergency wanting some advice. It was fine with me as I was up and eager to be of service (had it been an hour earlier maybe I wouldn’t have been, ha). But seriously, isn’t it a joy as a Christian to know there are not just pastors we can turn to for help, and members within our congregations to bounce things off of, but even moreso, a God with Whom we can “find grace to help in time of need”?  (Heb.4:16).    How blessed we truly are in our churches to be able to glean the will of God in any situation we find ourselves in since we have the Word of God !

The writer of Hebrews, in fact, precedes the phrase earlier with these words, “Let us therefore come BOLDLY unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy. . .”.   Remember the old movie The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and her friends approach the wizard?  In my mind I can still see that cowardly lion shaking and trembling as he alone approaches what he thinks is a powerful and mean-spirited wizard for his words of wisdom and advice.  God is saying here, you needn’t come before Him so, rather, you can come before His truly omnipotent presence BOLDLY. Now this doesn’t mean brashly, it means confidently, since you are His child by faith in Christ once you have been saved.

So if you are dealing with what to do in a certain situation right now, or if you know someone who is, remember what God has given you in His Word and thank Him and ask Him to direct you to the principles you need to see to make the correct choice.  We have many many blessings as God’s children and one we must never take for granted nor neglect is the discernment He alone can give to know what He wants us to do and then once we do, to stand firm on it !  So never be afraid to “shoot a text” heavenward. He is never too busy for YOU and He neither slumbers nor sleeps.  And when you do seek His will and find it also take a moment to express your thanks to Him for the response He has already given in His Word !!

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