Remedy for Sick of Winter Syndrome !

What a crazy winter it’s been huh? Watch one woman’s assessment of this year’s season so far if you want  a good laugh you can relate to:      Yes, sometimes we just get plain fed up with how things are, huh? We long for change – – but we’ll likely be longing for chillier temperatures in the scorching heat of summer too !  That’s how we are, so easily governed by our circumstances, and so we end up discontent.

What is a wonderful thing about being a Christian though is how you can finally find satisfaction even when the world around you is “smacking down snowmen” !   When Paul wrote his letter to the Galatians he listed what’s called the “fruit of the Spirit” and one of those signs that we have truly allowed God total control of our heart is  “peace”: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace. . . ”  (5:22).  This, of course, is in stark contrast to the “works of the flesh”  he previously listed in vss.19-21.

Our lives are often filled with a lot “craziness”, “adversity”, etc.  and we can either sound or look like the rest of the world or we can stand out for the Lord and show them what a Spirit-controlled person is.  We can show them Christ IN us !  Its oh so simple to be, yet oh so powerful and peaceful.  Each day, just give yourself completely to Him.  Full surrender brings full victory, complete submission bring complete serenity !  So when that next “snowfall” comes, and it will, you may feel an initial inclination to obliterate a snowman but the peace of God that passes all understanding will also help you to meet the day with a joy and peace the world can never bring and go through any storm with contentment.  March may come in like a lion but with God will always go out like a Lamb !!!

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