Silver linings from the Lord

It is fascinating to see the Lord really at work, isn’t it?   My father is terminally ill and has desired to live his last days at home as long as possible.  He has  three granddaughters who are either nurses or training to be.  All of them have helped care for him at this crucial time.  And I was able to be with one of these nieces a good bit recently and she was telling me of the great many things her grandfather has been needing and experiencing lately that she has just been learning about at  college !  I  told her she is a “God-send”,  He has been preparing her to help one of His children near the end of his life here.  So we marveled for a bit at this.  Sometimes we are so fixated on the trial we don’t often see the hand of God at work.

God knows exactly what you need and when you need it and certainly if we look with “spiritual eyes” we will see this.  We see this in the Bible, we see this in our time too.   Hagar had been mistreated by her mistress, Sarah in Gen.21 and when finally banished and thought she was about to die, it was the Lord Who provided what was needed.  When Elijah in 1 Kings 19 fled from wicked queen Jezebel it was the Lord Who fed and cared for him. When things look dicey and you don’t know how you will go on just remember the Lord is real, He is aware of your needs, He is able !! Call out to Him, trust His Word, look for His mighty loving hand at work !!!

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