Slap on another coat of paint

Yesterday I took a little time to paint at our church. Our building is a log cabin structure so its high maintenance on the outside compared to most churches.  I was thinking about how it needs the constant care due to the elements wearing down what covers those logs.  So every fall I make sure its good to go for the winter. The sun, rain, cold  and heat throughout the year all take their toll even on the protective stain that’s applied.

We’re a lot like those logs. I will resist a joke here and I’m sure you can think of you’re own, ha !  But seriously, what  I mean is as the days go by we can get “weather worn” if we’re not careful.  The harsh realities of this world can steal His joy, zap us of His power, rob us of a spiritual zeal.  We need the protecting coating of faith which is why Paul admonished us in Ephesians 6 to “put on the whole armor of God”.    (vs.11)

The apostle was immediately concerned with the “wiles” or schemes of the devil here. And he resorts to many to penetrate and ruin your testimony, dampen your enthusiasm for Christ and get you sidetracked spiritually.  He and his demonic army are indeed powerful and have wreaked their evil havoc on many a life yet there is help for us: “the whole armor of God” (v13). Truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, and the “shield of faith”  which can quench his attacks.  When you worry, trust God – that’s the protective defense of faith.

He mentions a vital covering of the helmet of salvation (vs17). There’s no way we can survive without this. Are you sure, absolutely sure you are going to heaven??  If not check out our tab on that on the home page, its clear & convincing we all need to be and how we can be.  The offensive weapon of “the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God”.  There is probably no clearer example of how to wield that than Matt.4 where Jesus bested Satan when he tempted Him in the wilderness. When you are tempted, thrust this sword at doubt, fear, or whatever comes at you by quoting and obeying the Word.     And never underestimate the power that prayer can be (vs18). Just as Christ did in Gethsemane the night before He was crucified and it saw Him through His most harrowing experience in His earthly life and ministry prior to that cross !

Is something eating away at your soul like the elements eat away at the paint? Bitterness? Fear? Guilt? Has Satan succeeded in wearing you down so that your zest for Christ and your service for Him is mechanical not really all that spiritual anymore? Satan loves to nurture our selfish desires so that even if we do serve it’s “just to do the task” rather than to really put your heart into it and do waht you do out of a love for Him.  When we get mechanical it’s time to put on the whole armor !   It’s a battle out there, whether we like it or not but you are on the winning team once saved, but you will still need a good coat of paint as the battle wages !

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