Storms and our Savior

Major storms have been coming through the midsection of the nation and now they are here bringing thunder, lightning and a good bit of rain.  Though we don’t often like the storms and the “disruptions” we feel they can cause to our lives, God knows what He is doing!  He knows the water we need, the nutrients required for the ground, the purging of the landscape, etc.  He maintains and cares for His creation with meticulous action and yet you are even more important to Him !  Jesus said, “But the very hairs of your head are numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.” (Mt.10:30-31).

The storms will come and go and God will use them to do what’s needed to develop and care for you as His child, a person of intense value to Him ! So don’t fret, lose heart or fear the worst, expect God’s best as you go through these times knowing He knows what He’s doing ! Seek His strength to ride out the storm and follow His Word through it and He will bring you out even better when its subsided.  Ahh, when the rainstorm is over there is a freshness in the air, a relief, and a great calm.   Whatever today may bring your way, storm or sunny day, remember He is in complete control and values you greatly !!

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