Be Thankful, be Right

Its been almost four hundred years now that those Pilgrims celebrated their first thanksgiving on our fair shores.  If you ever get the chance to go to Plymouth Rock, do it as its well worth the trip.  Those first settlers were our spiritual ancestors as to what they believed. They were separatists from the religious mainstream in England and ventured to a new land in search primarily of religious freedom, the opportunity to believe their faith without a government persecuting them for doing so or believing differently.   Sadly, we are starting to go back to those days the Pilgrims suffered through in Europe but thankfully we have had a good many years of religious freedom since that first Thanksgiving.

Each time you enjoy a church service, you experience a taste of the sacrifices those first sojourners made.  Every time you pick up your Bible and read it or even a blog like this where there is yet no censorship and you can learn what God wants you to see in His Word be grateful !  While the atheists and Muslims continue to chip away at our hard fought for constitutional religious freedom and our God given right to believe it is still such a joy to know that we are on the side of right and the side of might !

I have spoken with many believers now since the recent election and most are pretty down. They see we are in great decline and our freedoms will only continue to erode and they are likely right.  But history shows such times can be great purifying times where God’s people often flourish more !  We realize its not a goverment or human leader we should depend upon but the King of Kings and Lord of Lords !! Solomon wrote, “Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Prov.14:34).  Each time we make the right choice, we read our Bible, we worship well at church, we live a good testimony we are exalting our nation and checking its decay !  We are pilgrims too, living in a world of darkness yet being light  because of Christ in us. Turn that light on bright today and be thankful that no matter what evil advances are made that as a believer who desires to do right, you are a blessing to your country  and you are leaving a rich heritage for your children and descendants too !!

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