Thoughts up in the Clouds

Every time I get the privilege to ride on a plane I can’t help but think of how incredibly powerful God is.  As you lift off the ground and things become smaller and then you check out the clouds outside your window and the earth from miles above and afar you get JUST a glimpse of His vast creation and creative power.   On the backs of the seats now in the larger airliners not only are you able to watch a movie of your choice or play a wide variety of games to occupy your time but there is also a map and details of the flight.  It’s impressive to see how fast the aircraft move recorded there, how cold the conditions are miles up from the earth, etc.   Man has designed some pretty fantastic things but he is no match for the Ultimate Designer !

When our Bibles first start we’re treated to these words:  “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” (Gen.1:1).   A simple yet powerful, absolute testament to His power and authority.  It’s a general statement that defies a lot of the fallacies we’ve heard in the world (most notably evolution), and is enlarged upon with great detail as the creation account is clarified in the next several verses.   What’s especially impressive as you look around at creation is that He did it ex nihilo (out of nothing) !  Man makes a plane or movie but out of materials already made, God spoke and it was !!  Next time you’re down, fearful, or tearful remember the power alone in His Word to make something good out of nothing !!

Something else that also dawns on me when riding miles above the earth is how small we truly are (  So we should “let nothing be done through strife or vainglory but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.” [Phil.2:3] ), and how big God is yet when you compare these two facts, right in the middle is also that fact that we enjoy the blessing of a God Who still loves us so !   What I love about being up in the clouds is He brings you down to earth !!     What’s going on in your life today? Got a big obstacle?  Has something got you discouraged?  The Almighty has a GREAT concern for little ole you !!

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