A Threefold cord

We resumed our monthly church dinners today after all the commotion of the holidays and it was a good one.  It’s always good to see new people at church and then to stay for a dinner so we can get to know them and also them, us.  A church dinner or any activity of the church should be viewed not primarily as “what’s in it for me” or even how much it will cost me (If you put Him first He will help with that, Mt.6:33 “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”) but how can I minister even through such a function !   I have long thought that fellowship is a great blessing in that you get to experience Christ through the lives of others in many ways (how He comes through in attitudes, actions, etc.).   But for me such times have been much needed spiritual boosts as we laugh, discuss, and get to know our spiritual siblings.  And yes they can even be times of much needed conviction and correction !!

I have also noticed that when things start to deteriorate in a Christian’s life that fellowship becomes less of a premium quite often.  Satan succeeds in getting the believer to withdraw from these times of encouraging fellowship and before you know it some even leave a church altogether.  So its a good thing, as the early church understood, that we communicate with each other, that we laugh, and get to know one another better. We had better for we’ll be with each other a very long time, HA !  One particular blessing was listening to a Dad ask his now married daughter to come back to church next time she is off work. He was encouraging her spiritually and I was privileged to hear it.  My sermon was over and I got listen !!

Solomon said a “three-fold cord is not quickly broken” (Ecc.4:12). Take time to fellowship this week with your siblings in Christ. Don’t just rush in and out of church, call another believer, not to whine but to encourage and be encouraged !   Enjoy this precious blessing of the Christian life !!!

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