The thrill of the hunt

I got to hunt yesterday, but no, didn’t bag a deer.  The Lord let me see a really nice buck but didn’t let me be in a good enough position to shoot it. And it was thrilling to quietly track him for a bit, though I came up empty – but that’s hunting, what you lose in one area you often gain in another !   And, it was nice just the same to even be out amongst God’s creation and see His handiwork.  At one point during the day I was standing next to a tree and heard tiny footsteps in the crunchy fallen leaves a little distance off, not a deer, too small, a squirrel racing around foraging for food.  I froze to see how close he would get and he stopped about ten feet from me, stood up on his hind feet and just stared at me for a little bit, probably thinking, “Who are you, you’re not a normal part of my world?!!”    As he studied me for a few seconds he then scampered off probably still wondering, but then moving on to his own hunt.

I guess we all have our hunts to occupy us. Many people come up empty like I did yesterday (at least with my animal quest), some are puzzled by situations and oddities that arise ( I was his oddity ! and I’m sure others too) like that little squirrel and keep moving on in hopes of what they really need.  But as each day presents itself to you, pursue with passion the “hunt” God places before you. On one hand you have God’s general revelation in creation, on the other His special revelation, the Bible. When life comes at you we’re to handle it within His revealed will, making decisions in line with His Word.  Gaining the strength to continue the hunt with His power through prayer and the Word.  We walk by faith not sight.

Some time back we did a study at church in Hebrews and the eleventh chapter is fascinating to say the least as you meditate on what those saints did as they walked by faith, pursuing God’s will in their lives. Sometimes they experienced great joy and blessing, other times sadness and trial but they continued in their “hunt” as the writer says of Abraham, “For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose Builder and Maker is God.” (11:10).   And as the chapter concludes the application is brought into focus as we come into chapter 12 that in our “hunt”, if we have a good day or a bad day, if we hit or miss, we are to keep “looking to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith” ! (12:2).  Our hunt will one day end when we will see Him as He is and we’ll realize His promises completely and be more like Him !  Until that day we stay in the pursuit, we “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Phil.3:14).  Good hunting out there in God’s forests !! Adventures await YOU.

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