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Please don’t misunderstand me that I don’t mean to “set a date” about the rapture, it would be foolish of me or any other person to do so. That being said, it could happen very soon.  Years ago a man in our church came to me very excited. He said he had figured out by reading his Bible when the rapture would take place. He cited the verse that speaks about the Lord’s coming as a “thief in the night” so his conclusion was it would happen in the evening.   I let him down gently by pointing out one major flaw in his interpreation of this verse. Half the people in the world would miss out if so for the other half of the planet would be light then !  HA !!   I was speaking with a woman about it just two days ago and told her one thing I know to be true: each second of the clock that ticks by, we are closer !

It’s interesting, in light of Bible prophecy, to compare it with what is happening currently in Israel. Rockets firing into the Promised land each day, rockets firing back. Israel is now surrounded by nations unfriendly to her and the current administration in our country is not a true ally.  There is a vaccuum now for some great leader to come upon the scene and rescue the world from its ills. Its possible the Anti-Christ could now be alive.   America headed onto a very different path than our founders envisioned. At the heart of our economic, political, educational troubles is a spiritual decline even noticeable amongst believers in their lack of commitment to God’s program today, the local church.  Maybe today, my Lord will come for me !!

My wife and I have been talking about the rapture and she typically gets this frightened look when I say we could be close.  It’s a fear of the unknown look as well as a “what about those we know who don’t know Christ” look. I said maybe we should leave something behind in case it happens in our lifetime for, for example, our less than a year old granddaughter who could not possibly understand the gospel at this point. What I’m talking about is the need for us to prepare for that event, should it occur while we are alive.   Have you done what you could to spread the gospel to your loved ones?    What could you leave behind to help them turn to Christ and not the Anti-Christ?  A heartfelt letter perhaps?  An explanation of the passages about the rapture from places like 1Thess 4:13-18; 1 Cor.15:50-58; etc.?

Financial experts are right to tell us we need a will, medical experts a living will, but what about a spiritual will?  Let them know now that you love them enough to share the gospel and the truth about this so that eternity can be enjoyed with all and tribulation prevented for them !!  The truth is anyone unsaved at the time of the rapture will enter a period tribulation, the likes of which this world has never seen !  So do your best in the time you have to show them Christ by your life and your lips !  If they persist in unbelief consider leaving behind something for them to ponder that will help them to come to Christ !!  John wrote about the rapture saying, “And every man that has this hope  in him purifies himself even as He is pure.” (1Jn.3:3). There is something purifying about considering the reality and proximity of the rapture.  It sobers us up to eternal realities, and it prods us to our spiritual responsibilities God has for us. So live today like it could be your last here and look to the day when you will see Jesus face to face in your glorified body !! Even so come Lord Jesus.

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