Wait on the Lord

I’m not the best when it comes to waiting (which I have pinpointed to my sin nature).  If I have an appointment and I’m running close to getting there on time and someone is going 35 in a 55 speed zone in front of me, it’s a real challenge to not think or say some choice things about the putzer ahead !  How about you, is waiting a challenge to you also?    It was for Abraham and Sarah but God had and still has His reasons for us to wait and we must learn to trust Him as they did.

God had promised Abraham an heir yet the aging patriarch looked at his wrinkles and perhaps even Sarah’s and wondered WHEN this was going to happen ! Their biological clocks were not exactly Rolex’s at this point !!  But God reiterated His promise and in essence told him to wait on Him and all would be fine. In fact He urged Abraham to look up at the stars and try counting them for “So shall thy seed be” !! (Gen.15:5)  And it was at this Divine astronomy class that Abraham had a “light bulb over the head” moment as the next verse states: “And he believed in the Lord and He counted it to him for righteousness.”    Abraham would grow tremendously in his faith by having to wait on the Lord just as these times of delay in what we’d like to come to fruition are too.

But the Lord also went on to reveal to this man of faith that his children would go on to become a great nation yet suffer for four hundred years as slaves (a glimpse into their time in Egypt prior to the exodus) but all this waiting for his children and delay of experiencing the blessings of the Promised Land God was also doing something FOR the unbelievers !   “But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again (back to the Promised Land): for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.”  Why must Israel wait in bondage? Why must we deal with delays when we’re living for God?   God was giving the Amorites time to repent !  The delays of answered prayer or the lack of reward to our obedience, the waiting on justice from the hand of God all have a proper reason from Him and sometimes it is to give the wayward a chance to come around to Him. But rest assured, God will do what is right in His time and it is our task to keep doing what’s right and wait !!

So the next time “your agenda” is stifled in some way, remember, He is attempting to strengthen your faith even more and extending His grace to someone around you. All in all He is continuing to do for you and for all that which is best, so learn to be patient, He is very much so with you !!

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