Watch and learn from the chameleon

I have a little buddy in the place we’re staying for a few days this week. He’s a chameleon. I go over and whistle to him and he cocks his head to listen and a few times I’ve been able to actually touch him !  If you know much about these little critters they change colors to blend in to their environment for protection.  God sure has done an incredible job with His creation when you think about it. He foreknew man would sin and consequently the animal kingdom would need some mechanisms for protection after man introduced sin into the world (Rom.5:12) so the chameleon has this line of defense !

Aside from the fact that the chameleon’s makeup provides us with the obvious spiritual lesson that we must stand out in a sinful world by being holy as Peter urged us “Be ye holy for I AM holy” (1Pt.1:16) is also the lesson that we too need our lines of defense in this fractured world.  Paul spoke of us putting on the whole armor of God in Eph.6 but what are some things you can do specifically to arm yourself today?

When he began to list specific pieces of armor he spoke of the “breastplate of righteousness” (6:14) so stay in fellowship with Him that you keep living the righteous life and thus protect yourself from sin and its lethal consquences.    And the “shield of faith” (vs16) quenches those fiery darts of the devil as you don’t let doubts and worries rule your heart but rather what God has said !   Also, he deals even with prayer in vs18 and here I think of how it is used defensively by David in Ps.19:14, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer.”   We all can have a spiritual “potty mouth” at times, its the nature of the beast but we can, like the chameleon, change to be more like who we are around too – Christ !  So ASK Him for help in time of need. When you want to complain, curse, give them back what they said to you only one up them – ask Him to help you speak words of grace !!   You have a sure line of defense as a believer if you will choose to adapt to the ways of Christ !

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