Witnessing a birth !

Last evening I was  much encouraged. I went to a couple’s house for a Bible study and the husband was saved recently but the wife still was not. We covered the first lesson in a new convert study our church has and I was amazed that though the lesson dealt with salvation and they both had worked through this lesson prior to my coming the wife still was not born again !  Oh she thought she was, but despite tremendous verses and completing the lesson before hand something still obviously was not clicking for her.

The deal in these discipleship lessons is the person or persons is to work through a lesson and then someone from our church goes over it making sure they understand and such.   So I paused several times as I covered each section to relate to her this critical subject (salvation) and hone in on exactly what was the sticking point in her accepting the Lord.  Poking and probing her heart and throwing at her several verses to move her to make a genuine decision I sat back and watched the Holy Spirit do His great work with her and all of a sudden she did something in all my years of leading people to Christ I can’t recall anyone has done.  Instead of me seeing her ready to pray and her asking for help through it, she just broke out in a simple yet effective salvation prayer to God !   She just talked to him and asked His forgiveness for her sin and to be her Savior !  It was a truly sweet moment to witness from a sweet lady connecting with a sweet Savior !!

Paul wrote to the Roman believers, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (10:13).   In context we find the request is dealing with a person converting to Christ and so this petition most definitely means for the one calling to be saved God will certainly honor said request  if it is sincere and understanding of the gospel.    What a promise though we have had delivered to us at our conversion and what an encouragement to see a new birth before one’s very eyes !!  Growing up on  a farm I have witnessed all manner of farm animals being born (cats, dogs, cows, pigs, chickens, even horses) but to see a soul born again is a boost to one’s soul that cannot be surpassed for it is a special work of God.   So, why not ask God to be in on a new birth soon?   A saved person needn’t be a pastor or a missionary to do this, just be a witness for Him !!

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