We really need You, Lord

The final section of the longest chapter in the Bible, Ps.119:169-176 reminds of something very basic that we are so prone to forget: we need the Lord !  The entirety of this great and lengthy song deals with the Word of God and so he ends by noting he, and we, need God’s Word. And as a believer you may think, well yes, that’s a no brainer but. . .  do we really believe that?  Your actions reveal what you truly believe, so what’s your Bible reading regimen like?  Oh sure, we get busy and sometimes we falter but truth is we really need the Word in our lives every single day !

But laying aside conviction for a moment, look at some encouraging things the psalmists writes as to how the Bible meets our needs. It helps me to see , “give me understanding according to Thy Word”, to save, “deliver me according to Thy Word” & to speak better “My lips shall utter praise, when Thou hast taught me Thy statutes.”   It isn’t long when we neglect letting the Bible really impact our life that we start to grumble and complain and not praise.  Yet despite our natures, once we confess our neglect and start to refocus on the Word the praising attitude comes back again !    Even the child of God who faithfully attends church where the Bible is dutifully preached and reads his or her Bible can stifle its impact, so we need to be sure we are opening up our heart to it totally each time and great things happen as God meets our deepest needs.

Ever think much about how a baby needs so much help? They need to be fed, clothed, changed , etc. And the good parent loves to meet those needs as does God yours !  In verse 173 it reads, “Let Thine hand help me; for I have chosen Thy precepts.”   Poetically speaking here, “hand” does not refer to a literal body part on God but of His strength. We really do need His power to live as we ought, and when we read and heed the Word He gives it !  Why would anyone in their right mind not want that need met?  Who would not want help when we need it?

Finally, the last verse states, “I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek Thy servant; for I do not forget Thy commandments.”   Like us, and anyone who is truly honest with themselves, the psalmist is painfully aware of his sin nature and his sometimes neglect of God and His Word. His prayer is a simple, humble confession which is certain to unleash a powerful impact by God in his life ! Aren’t you thankful for the opportunity to confess your sin and for God’s gracious forgiveness towards us?   So he ends this great poem where he began admitting we all do err from time to time but we need His help and His precious, powerful Word to bring us back. When we do the first verse rings true in your life, “Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the Law of the Lord” !!

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