Don’t Miss “Your” Life

Another week !  How the time flies, huh?  I recently heard about a man who had a conversation on a plane with the man next to him. His seat mate was a businessman who travelled a lot and warned his much younger travelling companion the following advice: “Don’t miss your life !”    It so struck the younger man that he wrote a song about it but the advice is very much akin to something the Lord said many many years earlier when He stated, “For whosoever will save his life will lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it.”  (Matt.16:25).

What did He mean here? Simply that  if we think of our life in terms that its truly “ours” with Him having no design or right to how it’s lived and we set our day’s agenda with out regard to Him we’re frittering away the life He gave to us and will then truly lose it. It will slip by fast and we won’t have much to show for it eternally, it will be wasted. While the flipside is if we truly give the life He gives to us back to Him for His use, we’ll find the richest most rewarding life we could ever imagine.  Our time on earth will have made a mark for Christ and our good works will follow us into eternity.     It’s a no brainer in theory, in practice it often breaks down when the trials an temptations of life come at us.  But when they do, remember, don’t miss “your” life !!!

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