My wife and I are going to take a little trip for our thirtieth anniversary and we have both agreed that it seems the work mounts up even more the week before to make sure things are running smoothly for when you leave. Can you relate?  I’m sure you found yourself running extra errands, making sure the pet or pets are taken care of, where you work people know what to do in your absence, and on an on the list goes.  And as you are doing all this stuff, there is that ray of hope that soon I will be finally saying “Ahhhh !!  All that effort was worth this !!”

What a wonderful illustration of how we are to serve the Lord well now and one day rest from out labors here. Then will be the biggest “Ahhh’s” of all !!!    The writer of Hebrews spoke of “rest” a good deal and one day all believers will enjoy a cessation of our efforts here and reap the rewards there, one of which is a peace and restfulness nothing here could ever match.  Hebrews 4:3 states, “For we which have believed do enter into rest. .  .”  and verse 11 goes one to say, “Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest. . . ”    While it’s true we will be serving the Lord throughout eternity, it’s also factual that our labor then will be different. No more sin in us to impede and frustrate our work and the rest spoken of will be a peaceful satisfaction from being rightly and sinlessly connected to our Lord !      The thing about vacations is, while they are great and we need a little respite every now and then, they are temporary. What we have to look forward to being a Christian is  a rest that never, never ends !! And while we may complain about our tasks here and long for an end to them, we will all certainly come to the end of our days and enter eternity knowing all our tasks and service for Christ were worth it and the “ahhhh’s” then will be far, far more profound and appreciated. All because of what Christ has done for YOU !  Go serve Him today,  your rest is coming !!

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