– Ages 0-4 children are played with and read Bible stories on their level.

Master Clubs

– Ages 5-12 now called Truth4Kids, this club is designed to give children a solid foundation in the faith and by the time they finish will be able to defend their faith. Highly important in a society that continues to tear away the precious truths of Scripture !

Junior Church

– Ages 5-10 We provide age appropriate instruction in the Word of God and fun games stressing the value of getting along with other children and learning of Christian values. This area of our church prepares the children for their later years in the adult worship services.

Youth Group

– Ages 11-18 We minister to this critical period of life with our Youth Pastor who has specialized in his degree in this area. Teens are developed spiritually with relevant and biblical curriculum and activities to cultivate spiritual appetites that will carry them into their adult years. The importance of camps, youth rallies and occasional trips (to visit Christian colleges or do missions work) highlight these critical years.

Men’s And Women’s Ministries

– Ages 18 on up! Periodic retreats, Bible studies, prayer breakfasts & activities for each gender provide a healthy interaction with one’s peers and a forum to discuss one’s faith and enjoy fellowship in areas where mixed settings would be strained.

Small Groups

– Teens on up The importance and value of being able to learn in a smaller setting with skilled teachers has long been an asset of Christian ministry and our church is no exception to this. But we do not believe in sitting around and everyone coming up with their own opinion so that the meaning of the Bible is not understood. We encourage questions, discussion, and good interaction but it will be led by a capable teacher who will guide the time together and insure folks walk away with a better understanding of Scripture and a spiritual challenge from it. Practical, informative groups will be conducted with an additional emphasis upon prayer Wednesdays at 6:30 pm!

Elderly Ministry

– 60 on up! Through the years the church has been highly involved in serving the seniors in our area in many nursing and assisted living homes. Currently, we go at least one Sunday evening monthly and conduct a service as well as periodic special services, visitation and counseling to the aged.

Home Bible Study & Visitation & Counseling

– Ever since our inception, Nittany Baptist has reached out to the area with evangelistic efforts in these ways. Once a person accepts Christ we endeavor to disciple them in their new faith and home Bible studies are sometimes instrumental in certain situations and individuals to bring them along to the place where they then become more engaged in the local congregation. Pastoral Counseling from a Nouthetic approach can also be arranged through the church and myriads of people have been helped through the years in their marriages, finances, spiritual walk !

Grief Share

– We periodically offer the nationally known bereavement support group known as GriefShare. Our pastor has also been serving in the area as a Hospice Chaplain and will bring his experience together with this program to help grieving people in the area to spiritually cope with their loss. Contact the church via phone or email if you would like to be included in these meetings.


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