We believe as a church we should not be tied to tradition


The highlight of our service is not fancy light shows, comedy acts, or fluffy stories but the Word of God. So, you will hear it explained and applied to maximize your spiritual growth ! The normal type of preaching is EXPOSITORY which best EXPOSES what God has simply stated in His Word and provides for greater growth in the careful listener ! Our pastor is well studied and trained in all three of the original languages of the Bible and has ministered now for many years !!


Our current format for adults is our “Meditate with the Master” series which encourages you to get into a book of the Bible and really meditate on it during the week. Then we go over the chapter you have meditated on and discuss it. Feel free to ask questions and share input from what God is showing you in the passages we look at each week and then listen to it all get tied together with a seasoned and well studied Sunday School teacher each week ! The children also have a well balanced curriculum of study on their own level also.


Midweek Services

We offer Kids4Truth Clubs for ages 4-11 and Bible study and prayer for teens and adults. The Kids4Truth Club is a nationally known program to disciple youngsters in the Word of God. It not only teaches children a comprehensive program of Bible doctrine and teaches them how to defend and stand on their faith ! This is so vital in a time when youth are the focus of indoctrination in ideas that are anything but scriptural ! The Club is staffed by our folks who love children and themselves have sat under the teaching of the Word for years. They are eager to deposit it into the lives of our precious young ones ! (this program is on hold due to the Chinese virus).

Our Midweek Bible study time currently features a study in the topic of Bible prophecy to encourage you through these trying present times.

Explanation of Sunday Evening Outreaches

Though many churches in our circles have and continue to hold a Sunday Evening service our church has opted to use that time for outreach into the community by providing an off site service for folks who have difficulty reaching our church due to their age or circumstances. We also take one Sunday to especially enjoy a meal and fellowship with one another and the rest of the month we encourage spending quality time with their own family or reaching out to others at those times by using their homes to minister to folks.

We believe as a church we should not be tied to tradition so much that we abandon scriptural wisdom in the circumstances in which the Lord has us. An example is the Sunday School program. Unseen in the early church, it developed in the eighteenth century out of legitimate need and still continues as a good tradition. We must seek to be versatile applying God’s wisdom to the changing world in which we live yet not compromise the principles of the Word.

Sunday Evening Services Alternatives

1st Sunday  –  After Church Dinner and Fellowship

2nd Sunday –  Observance of the Lords Supper

3rd Sunday –  Family Time

4th Sunday – Community Outreach  (Mt Nittany Residence Service),  6pm


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