Back in the 1960’s a show began to run on TV known as “Star Trek”.   One of the phrases that came out of this popular sci-fi series was “Beam Me Up, Scotty !”    Captain Kirk and his cohorts would be materialized and then rematerialize wherever the bearings were set through their transporters to move in nanoseconds to a new location !    That was fantasy, but this is fact: “Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne was standing in heaven and One sitting on the throne” (Rev.4:2).

The Apostle John was instantly translated into the physical realm he’d always known to the realm of the spirit, which is very very real, but only familiar to us now through the pages of Scripture.  We believe it to be so only by faith, but one day we will know so by sight as John did here. His ensuing visions which God permitted him to see in this chapter remind us very definitely that there is more to life than meets our eye ! And if we would take time to pause on this truth from time to time instead of constantly focusing on the here and now, life would be a little sweeter for us.

For example, what did John behold that can give us encouragement today?   Immediately, he saw God on His throne !!  Ushered into the very presence of the Lord, John was captivated by what he saw. The imagery John recorded is dazzling and colorful to say the least: “And He Who was sitting was like a jasper stone (like clear crystal) and a sardius in appearance (red); and there was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald (brilliant green) in appearance.” (4:3) – pun intended:  “shades” of Ezekiel’s vision in his book (Ez.1:5-10) !!   The jasper stood for Reuben (1st born of children of Jacob/Israel) & the sardius for Benjamin (last born). In effect these “gems” represented God’s alignment with ALL  His children !!

When we go through the seen world and  get down, look up ! YOU need to get a good glimpse of YOUR Father in Heaven !  He is interested in YOU ! He sits on His throne, He is YOUR King and as you submit to Him, life may not always be as we wish but it can still be content.  Have you spoken to Him today, I mean, really spoken to Him?  He is YOUR Father, YOUR King and He is greater than any trial you face in this seen world,  surer than any doubt, stronger than any weakness so that we can overcome !  One day your body will be beamed up and given a new and glorious one, until then your mind and heart must beam up to His palace so that we live here as the royalty we truly are IN Christ !!

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