Yesterday I met my wife and daughter for lunch and there were several moms there with their little kids. Apparently, this restaurant is a meeting place this particular time of week for a young mothers gathering.  I was kind of struck by one mom in particular who sat near us as she maneuvered three small kids (one on her hip) while she also managed to move a chair for one of the children and a bag loaded with kids stuff as well ! It made me tired just watching it all unfold !!  Most Moms are great multitaskers and we men do well to admire and learn from them.

I can imagine that there are some days you feel just like that harried mother. A lot on the plate to do and not as much time as you’d like to do what needs to get done. Remember Jethro’s advice to his overwhelmed son-in-law, Moses?   “The thing that thou doest is not good. Thou wilt surely wear away. . . thou art not able to perform it thyself alone. . .thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God. . .and let them judge the people at all seasons. . . and they shall bear the burden with thee.”  (Ex.18:17-22).     Jethro  wisely advocated that Moses share the burden of the work of ministering to the people of God.

You’ve heard it said perhaps that in most churches 10% of the people do 90% of the work.  Sometimes that is true in the home as well with Moms or Dads carrying a heavy load.  Sometimes its true in the workplace.  The net result is the worker bee is very stressed, while the others sit back and pig out on the honey in the hive !  Some people work hard at being lazy, finding excuses and ways not to help out, while some people are too proud to ask for help and think that only they can get the job done right.  Both extremes need adjusting dramatically.  A fine tuned and oiled machine has all parts working well. And so ask yourself is there more or less you could be doing?  Don’t think its just easier to do things than teach the kids and then grow resentful you’re doing all the housework. Train them to pitch in, give them a list of chores, its good for them and you !    Part of ministering for the Lord involves training others in what He has taught you so as to perpetuate good things done well for God.

How about at your church?  Have you grown past just sitting in the pew to cleaning the pews?  Have you grown to the place where your diligence and faithfulness has been rewarded with a measure of authority there  but you feel a little overworked ? Why not enlist the help of others getting them more involved and working with them to ease your load and get them to share in the task of ministering in the local church and thus all can better enjoy not endure what needs done.  God gives us all many things to do for Him and we do well to be wise about how we accomplish it all for His glory !

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