What a great blessing to be able to celebrate Christmas as  a true believer in Christ !  People the world over will observe this wondrous holiday and for them it will mean seeing family members again, enjoying special foods partaken of only at this season, seeing the joy on family member’s faces at the opening of a gift, or some other delightful thing.

But for the person who has been genuinely born again there is an even deeper joy !  We understand what Christmas REALLY means since we have been able to KNOW how real Jesus is, we have experienced by faith an actual relationship where we have enjoyed His peace and presence.  The Christ Who came over 2000 years ago has made a personal, very real contact with us and so even Christmas as well as life itself has taken on a whole new purpose and meaning thanks to Him !

Sadly, Christmas can be really tough even for the real Christian who has lost a loved one but the reminder of Christmas that can help anyone in such a situation is that Christmas means, for one, that this is when God came to initiate His plan to once and for all defeat even death and replace it with eternal life !  So Christmas is much more than a great holiday that evokes a lot of fond memories and special feelings, it is a time when God became flesh (“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” ~  John 1:14) and was born to die that YOU might live. And not just live eternally but abundantly !!!  Celebrate Christmas then with the JOY that truly is at the heart of it !

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