Memorial Day is a pretty special event for us here in Boalsburg.  It’s reputed to be the place where the holiday’s origins began.  Three ladies started the practice of decorating their loved ones’ graves during the period of the Civil War and there is a cool statue of these women commemorating this in the huge cemetery in Boalsburg.  But aside from this, the whole weekend and holiday here are filled with activities and even spiritual services in memory of those who have served and sacrificed that we can be free today.

I have always enjoyed this holiday, even before moving to Boalsburg.  I’m proud to be an American and as much as our nation has been villiified by the left and the unbelievers who are not so patriotic, it is soul stirring to read of the faith and sacrifices of many of our forefathers.  One of my fondest memories talking with my Grandfather was of him telling me of an ancestor, Captain John Reese, who fought during the Civil War. And then to visit his gravesite when I’m able and reflect a little on his service to our nation in a time of great peril.

But as well this holiday should also remind us to have in memory and great awe the greatest of all sacrifices in the cross of Calvary.  Truly without Him our great nation would never have come into existence, without His loving sacrifice at the cross our eternal life would be nil ! The blessings of the Christian life would all be a pipe dream and not a realization if not for the precious blood of Christ being shed some 2000 years ago now !   So in all you do today, take a little time to remember His love demonstrated there for YOU, take also a little pause in your holiday to thank Him well and from the heart for His great, great sacrifice that you might be free indeed !!

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