For some of you reading this, blogs may be familiar as you have surfed the internet. For others this may be a first.  The term “blog”  was coined from “weblog” as a kind of journal people make online.  Most blogs on the “net” are likely going to be the ramblings of people with too much free time on their hands.  Of course, some may consider rambling part of the job description of the preacher !   Hopefully, this will be of some spiritual encouragement to you even though I’m fairly new to “blogging”.

When I thought of the whole concept of blogging it brought to mind how God has put down His thoughts for us in the pages of the Bible. His “blogging”, if you will, like man’s was to be read by all in this world as the internet can touch every nation now !   His heart was sent out via words that can encourage, challenge and even save a lost soul from hell itself if we will take what’s from His heart and accept it into ours.   So take a little time today, amidst all your routines, and read what He has carefully, personally written to YOU.   God told Joshua to “meditate therein day and night”  (Josh.1:8) and in so doing he was used wonderfully and successfully of the Lord, so will you be !

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