Monday morning and most of us are back to work, the nose is at the grindstone !  We plow through another week doing what needs to be done for our families. We charge ahead with this or that and sometimes we go so fast we need to be slowed down.  I just heard that supermarkets are trying a tactic to slow you down – they are installing speed bumps in their stores !   As if we don’t need more aggravation with the way some of the carts don’t work, right? Ha.    Well here’s the deal: they place these speed bumps strategically in the store to slow you down around their most expensive items !  So, its not to slow you down to your advantage but theirs !! They are “gaming” you !!  Not surprising !  So eat before you go, that’ll get ’em !

Our Lord is different. He never takes advantage of you.  At times, yes, He wants to slow you down but it is always for your benefit and His glory. Perhaps you have gotten so busy He wants to slow you down for some quality time with Him or family and friends.  Maybe we’re so into work that worship has really taken a backseat to your agenda. Sometimes God’s “speed bumps” are a trial that keeps you from completing what you wanted to, Paul had them – he wanted to go to Spain – never got there !  Or you get so wrapped up into the routines that its just been awhile that you have stopped to “smell the roses” and study for a little bit how wondrous His works truly are.

David taught us this as he mused in Ps.19:1-2, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.”  The verbs here are intense as he was saying that God’s creation is regularly vocalizing to us that God is glorious. The word “uttereth” means to pour forth.   In short, slow down for a minute my child and listen to voice of creation. Let it be a good speed bump in your road of life so that you will not lose touch with your Lord and get so immersed in doing that you become like Martha rather than Mary !

It’s true too many of God’s people have no problem slowing down, if you know what I mean. Just don’t go to the other extreme. God even made sure His people under Moses understood six days work, one day off was a good policy to follow.  Lots of work and then recharge the batteries !   So you may be at work today and your “Sabbath” was yesterday but take a little breather every now and then today and meditate on God and what He’s done for you. Speak with Him for a few minutes later on.  Speed bumps can be good, they can also be bad – make sure you let the good ones in your life do their intended work !

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