We cannot escape the news. That is, unless we are on a deserted island I suppose !  Even if you choose to not check out the news, invariably you will talk to someone who will say, “Did you hear about _______?” And then once you do its normally not long before you hear about something that is sad or disconcerting in some way.   Such is life in a sinful world !

Perhaps this is why God focuses so much on focusing us on Him ! At church on Wednesday night bible study we have been looking at various psalms and its been a real joy to delve deeper into some portions of Scripture that have focused my heart more on Him. We can spend so much time watching TV, checking out the internet, dwelling on the problems at hand, just working, that we lose sight of the Lord and what great things He has for us to do and to enjoy !   And Satan loves to distract the child of God wrapping us up in the cares of this life and not striving to serve the Lord in the light of eternity.  There are still souls to save, people who need to be invited to church before it’s eternally too late for them and He seeks to use YOU in this great work !!

Perhaps the most famous of all the psalms, Psalms 23 starts out with David asserting “the Lord is my shepherd”  and since this is the case with David as he put that down in print for the first time he stated something very profound, very comforting, very much a goal of all men. He said due to the fact that he was focused on the Lord and allowed Him to control his heart and life that the result was he would not want.  But David’s wording in the original is even stronger, I shall NEVER want !    As we march toward another Christmas season, we’re busy, sometimes moreso than at anytime in the year. Shopping, working, serving in your church with holiday tasks, decorating, you name it !  Stay focused on Him though and you will not be empty. Whether the news be good or bad, rest in His Lordship, trusting He has things in perfect control.

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