Yeah I know it’s Saturday but I wanted to share with you something I was privileged to experience in my growing up years. Sundays we used to either go to my grandparents Sunday afternoons for dinner or my Mom would make us a fantastic Sunday meal.  It was nice to get with family and play with the cousins and enjoy a great spread of food.  Mom still makes the best pies !   Even as a kid when food is not as high on your agenda as it seems to be when you “mature”  it was something we thoroughly enjoyed and once I got saved I especially tried to show my appreciation with a word of thanks to the cook for sure !  I now understood better the effort and expense put forth to make such an occasion a reality.

Well tomorrow is Sunday and you are invited to yet another “Sunday dinner” !  Yep, I think you know what I mean – God has prepared a feast for you, the friends will be there to fellowship with and if we go with the right heart attitude and the preacher has “prepared the feast” it will be a grand occasion for all.    David in Ps.122:1 was elated, “I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord’ ” !!   God has sent out the invitation, YOU are the special guest and the meal will be good for you. Oh sure there might be some “cooked peas” (not my fav) but there will be “roast beef” or “fried chicken” but it’s all going to be good for you.     

You will get to develop even more some great friendships in your church family and there will be some tasks involved. Someone needs to “do the dishes” afterward or “set the table” before.  Yes there is some service involved but its worth it to sit down and enjoy a good time together and to feel you had a part around God’s table rather than just “mooched off” of others labors.   

The early church greatly benefited from “sunday dinner” as Acts 2:42 records, “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread and in prayers.”     The word “steadfastly” in the KJV is a good translation of a word conveying devotion and perseverance. These were not “casual churchgoers”, consequently their faithful “Sunday dinners” caused them to make a monumental impact in a volatile region where the Messiah had just been crucified:  “praising God and having FAVOR with ALL the people. . .”  (2:47).    Wanna make a dent around you for Christ?  Come and dine tomorrow at God’s house and eat hearty, my friend !!

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