[1] It was  a great Lord’s day with lots to take in spiritually and a good meal to follow.  Please join us this coming Wednesday at 6:30 pm !!

[2]  Remember to look here for any weather cancellations !  

[3] Keep our ailing loved ones in your prayers:  Ruth Dry & Connie Braucht.    Pray also for those in our church who have suffered the loss of a loved one this past year. Also, Frank Harpster has just been diagnosed with lung cancer, so pray as he begins radiation treatments.

[4] Be in prayer for our nation and world, and especially our own area for souls to be saved !  Ask God to give you opportunities to share the gospel with people, ask Him to help you see those opportunities and for the courage to speak for Him so that people understand how to be saved & get saved !!

[5] This new year be PRAYING often for our leaders as Paul wrote in 2 Timothy.  Pray for revival in our nation and for our political as well as spiritual leaders in America.   Read through the NT with us from now until Palm Sunday (grab a chronological reading schedule of the New Testament at church !)

[6] Pray for your church and its dear folks every day !!! We welcome Bob & Maggie Cross as our newest members !!   

[7]  Remember our shutins in your prayers and visit or send an occasional note !!!! 

[8] Remember our FB group called Nittany Baptist Church Prayer & Praise to connect with others about prayer requests or to encourage others spiritually.

[9] Remember to feed your mind and soul with good reading materials and music. This is why we have a Bookstore at our church !

(10) There is a Men’s Fellowship on Thursday, Feb.16 at 6:30 pm !! The next Ladies one is the following Thursday, March 2.

(11) Make it a MAJOR matter of prayer as to a permanent place for us !! ****** And the possibility of a building close by to open up, Lord willing.

(12) Pray this week for Heather Harr who ministers in Siberia.