[1]  Fantastic service this Lord’s Day reminding us all of REAL Liberty which is found only in Christ !!!

[2]  This coming Sunday (7/12) we are doing a very special makeup service since we couldn’t have our normal Easter sunrise, so Sunrise Service at 7:30 a.m. weather permitting outside !!

[3] Keep our ailing loved ones in your prayers:  Don Rimmey, Connie Braucht, and Lois Fetzer (Sherry’s mother-in-law) who recently had hip surgery.   Pray also for Mrs. Kessler who is now doing better !!! Thankful also for answered prayers for Ruth !

[4]  Contact your Congressmen and the President about the recent unconstitutional shenanigans of our Governor !!

[5]  Pray often for our leaders as Paul wrote in 2 Timothy.   Pray for revival in our nation and for our political as well as spiritual leaders especially at this time to have courage to do what is right!!!!! 

[6]  Sunday School resumes on 7/19 !!   

[7]  Remember our shutins in your prayers and visit or send an occasional note !!!! 

[8] It is evident that some in our nation are using this pandemic to scare people and promote ungodly agendas so we need to pray ! Pray for hearts to come to Christ so that no longer power will be their motive but the will of God. Remember Paul once had a wicked agenda but came to Christ !!

(9) Keep our President and his administration in your prayers, and our legislators in Harrisburg.

(10) Wednesday Services are still through our website until further notice.

(11) Make it a MAJOR matter of prayer as to a permanent place for us !! ****** And the possibility of a building close by to open up, Lord willing.

(12) Pray this week for the Troesters in Mozambique !