[1] There’s a new week coming up, it may be your last, so get to God’s house at 10:45 a.m.

[2] Keep Don Rimmey  in prayer as his health has been poor of late and is now at Hearthside. Don Auker can still use your prayers too and Janet & Don Auker have a son-in-law named Scott who has ALS and is in serious condition and in need of our prayers !!!  

[3] Memorial Day festivities in Boalsburg are a great part of our American history, the church parking lot is available should you choose to come that Monday !

[4] Truth4Kids Club has ended for the spring semester !!!!

[5]  Pray often for our leaders (spiritual, political, etc) as Paul admonished us in 1 Timothy 2.  Pray especially for our new Attorney General as he has a daunting task to restore justice in our land and is coming under attack for it.  Pray for revival in our nation !!!!!
[6]  Pray for our church fervently in 2019 as we need to reach souls for our Lord and our last group of postcards came in the mail to area residents this past week !!!  So pray God uses them to draw folks to Him.
[7]  Remember our shutins in your prayers and visit or send an occasional note !!!! Their addresses are on the Mission bulletin board at church.

[8] Our church bookstore is open when the church is and has some great books, music and other items at very reasonable costs to help you spiritually.  

(9)  Our next church dinner is the first Sunday in June !

(10)  On Sunday morning we begin at 9:45 with a special interactive adult class and Sunday School for kids  also !!!

(11) Make it a MAJOR matter of prayer as to a permanent place for us !! ****** And the possibility of a building close by to open up, Lord willing.

(12) Pray this week especially for the Dillons in Israel.