Ahh, the weekend !

Off we head into another weekend !  A time to catch up around the house, take a day trip maybe or some other family time and to get with your spiritual family to start another week in the Lord’s house.   Our current weekend seems to have some basis in the Lord’s instituting of the Sabbath back in Exodus 20 but the addition of an extra day was said to have occurred through unions seeking to be sensitive to Jewish workers as well as Christian ones in our nation, thus their Sabbath (Saturday) and our Lord’s Day (Sunday) created the two day weekend.  But it wasn’t until as recent as 1940 that we in America began the practice of a two day weekend !

I recall when our daughter went to China on a missions trip that she told us they had no days off where she was. They just kept at their jobs trying to eke out a living.   Aren’t you glad our nation has had a spiritual influence from the Word of God?   We do need a time to unwind, we are made so, and when God said, “Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work.” (Ex.20:9) He was not saying we needed two days each week but we need at least one to rest.  So be careful you don’t do so much you forget this, take some time to get apart for a while as Jesus did in the New Testament.  Take a little breather to recharge and reinvigorate. And like Him, take some of that time for spiritual reflection and prayer. It does tend to settle us down and balance us out.


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