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[1]  We delve into James 5 this coming Wednesday at 6:30 pm !!! [3] Keep our ailing loved ones in your prayers:  Nancy King  & Connie Braucht.     [4] Be in prayer for our nation and world, revival is so needed, people so need to be saved !!! Even many Christians are not faithful to […]

Spiritual Implications of Corona Just for YOU !

Corona comes from the Latin meaning “crown”. Scientists dubbed our virus of the hour the coronavirus due to the spiky crown on the surface of the microorganism. A crown though, as we know, is the symbol of one who rules or who has achieved some standing such as a victor’s crown in ancient and biblical […]

Redeeming the Time

So what have you been doing lately through this whole COVID thing ? For some, not much has changed with their schedules as they still are in a situation where they can work as before but for many others a business has been closed down or a job lost, opportunities to conduct business have dried […]

Hey YOU, it’s a GOOD Day !!!

Well today is GOOD Friday. No matter what is going on in our world remember what can truly dissipate any BAD we go through is the GOOD God has extended to YOU ! If you have been in church for any length of time you are not at all unfamiliar with what was GOOD about […]

Why I don’t panic

I enjoy keeping up with the news and today there is a lot to keep up with! But a steady dose of this world’s news can quickly leave you negative and depressed which is why we need an even steadier dose of the good news !! Too much of the world’s versions of news will […]

Its All a Matter of Perspective

Isn’t it utterly amazing how a microscopic organism such as a virus can wreak so much havoc and change our perspective?! COVID-19 has really changed many people’s way of looking at things now. We are more conscious of what we touch, to wash our hands, to keep our distance, the importance of maintaining a healthy […]

The Pandemic of Indifference and the Vaccine of Prayer

In the Gospel of Luke the eighteenth chapter starts with Jesus emphasizing that we ought to pray and not to become weary in this. Many churches have for years had midweek prayer meetings, a service which seems to be considered by many believers now as “optional” and not as important as it was to our […]

God’s Protection Song

I have seen several people allude to Is.26:20 now in light of the stay at home orders several Governors have been issuing during the pandemic we find ourselves in at present. The verse says “Come, My people, enter into your rooms, and close your doors behind you: hide for a little while, until indignation runs […]