Banner Days

Yesterday, Feb.21,2012, was one of those banner days.  My wife, daughter and I had driven to the hospital to be there for the birth of our first grandbaby. Several hours prior to the birth, my son and I got to spend some good time together alone as we dashed out to feed his cat then back to the hospital to a Mom who was getting closer and closer to the big moment. Then not long after midnight our little granddaughter Emery was born ! Smiles and happy tears, pictures all around !! Then it was time to head for home and catch a few zzz’s.

As I drove my wife and daughter back I happened to glance in the rear view mirror and caught a glimpse of something that took me back a little over two decades. There was OUR wonderful daughter and firstborn, now a grown and beautiful woman, in the back seat with her head back fast asleep, drained by the day’s happenings. It was a flashback to the times I would glance back to see her totally wiped out in her carseat after a day at the amusement park ! I so enjoyed that glance.  Part of me thought how fast life goes by, part of me how wondrously privileged we all are to enjoy life and have our families. But the other thought was how incredibly special it is that the Lord has done what He can to give to us eternal life and enjoy one another, not just for life’s fleeting moments here, but for ALL eternity as well !!   It is thoughts and truths such as this that should prompt us to truly adore and worship He Who is the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE ! (Jn.14:6).    Why not take a few moments to genuinely thank the Lord for His sacrifice at Calvary. And then not be so shy to tell others who don’t yet know this greatest of all gifts so that they too can experience and better understand the salvation He accomplished for us and so desires each of us to know !

Another banner day, June 16,1977, was when I was born again. As I finally understood I needed to ask His forgiveness for my sin and ask Him to save my soul, I did ask Him for these things and salvation was granted, as He desires for anyone who trusts Him so.  Have you had that banner day yet?  Have those you love?  If so, MANY banner days lie ahead, all thanks to Him Who gives us life and life more abundantly !!

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