Its All a Matter of Perspective

Isn’t it utterly amazing how a microscopic organism such as a virus can wreak so much havoc and change our perspective?! COVID-19 has really changed many people’s way of looking at things now. We are more conscious of what we touch, to wash our hands, to keep our distance, the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system through a nutritious diet and exercise, etc. I heard one doctor say that you will 99% not get the virus if you wash your hands regularly and refrain from touching your face ! That should chance how you look just at some very simple habits you engage in to make the needed changes to be more healthy !

On a lighter note though, I saw an ad recently for a cheeseburger and fries and the company in the ad is noted for their food being very unhealthy and so we don’t frequent it. And in the words of comedian Jim Gaffigan, if you ever seen him, “Hey fella, I like Burger King !” I have to admit not being able to go into a restaurant now and order a cheeseburger really tweaked my take on chowing down on a Whopper !!

But in all seriousness, what about how you look at life now? Just this morning I read a story of a former all-pro football player in perfect health who contracted the virus because he’d been playing golf with a man who had tested positive and how it then changed his outlook on the danger of the virus and the frailty of life ! James said that our lives are but a vapor (4:14), they are like that wisp of smoke you see wafting up from a campfire that appears then disappears so fast. This being the case, have you accepted Christ as your Savior? I do not wish to check out real soon from life here by touching something that is deadly but here’s the deal, if I do I KNOW where I am going and I KNOW I will leave this life and body for a new and eternal one. This greatly reduces the fear and provides a peace nothing in this old world can provide ! The alternative is to live in such dread of what could happen with no hope, no peace, and no joy. So it’s one thing to have enough toilet paper in a stay at home ordered situation but quite another to prepare for death itself and be certain of your eternal destiny !

Now if you have truly been saved, are you living like you really have been? Are you modeling the perspective that comes from one who truly believes that even though life here is short and oh so frail that God has the antidote for perfect health that will endure throughout all eternity?!! Even the best of believers will have anxious moments but let them only be moments ! When they come focus on the precious and calming truths of the Bible to change your perspective for the better. Remember how Peter walked on water as long as he was looking at Jesus but sank when he did not? You have a serious obligation and a powerful opportunity now to lead others to Christ and show them just how real and right a faith in Him truly is !! So, when others around you exhibit great anxiety, step in and show them your Lord by a calmness and faith as you ride through this storm and introduce them to Him. All storms are temporary, God offers us all something peaceful and lasting so keep that in your sights !!!

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