Hey YOU, it’s a GOOD Day !!!

Well today is GOOD Friday. No matter what is going on in our world remember what can truly dissipate any BAD we go through is the GOOD God has extended to YOU ! If you have been in church for any length of time you are not at all unfamiliar with what was GOOD about that Friday some 2000 years ago. Yet at first it sure didn’t seem GOOD to His disciples who walked the earth then. The arrest in Gethsemane in the early hours of that Friday, the sham trial that followed, the painful scourging of His bare back and taunting by the Roman soldiers, the chanting of the crowd before Pilate in “Crucify Him, crucify Him !”, the slow and arduous trek through the Via Dolorosa towards the hill of Golgotha where He was nailed to a cross to slowly, painfully and shamefully perishing before a mocking populace as they walked by. No the day was not exactly GOOD to the casual observer or believer then !

Slowly He moved towards death as His very life blood flowed out and finally He uttered one of the few things He did that GOOD Friday when He said “It is finished !” (Jn.19:30). Tetelestai is the actual word He spoke and its quite fascinating. It is in the Greek perfect tense and so what He meant by using that very tense was what I have done is GOOD for those who accepted His sacrifice then once and for all time !! There is no need for a redo or a “mulligan” as the golfers say. There’s some GOOD news, don’t ya think? When the days are BAD just remember the GOOD God has secured for YOU !! What a GOOD time we have come to this week upon hearing things look to be improving in our world but even if it wasn’t we as Christians have something GOOD we can celebrate today and every day because YOU have a GOOD God Who paid the price for all your sins !! Have you told Him thank you lately for the GOOD He has done and will continue to do for YOU? What a GOOD Friday that day turned out to be, what a GOOD day this one truly is too !!!!

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