The Bible stands !

Many people in our nation do not realize the spiritual battle that they have been affected by and continue to be. As I finished some blogs in Daniel I wrote of this in the Great Warfare vision Daniel had.  The match is ultimately between God and Satan. And yes, God, wins but in the meantime the battle wages for the souls of men.  One of the obvious strategies to anyone who knows their Bible and the Lord is the attack the devil has made upon the “foundation”.  What I mean is  the assault that’s been made upon the first book of the Bible, Genesis.   His tactics haven’t changed much since he cast doubt on God’s Word to Adam and Eve, and why should he change them, they are STILL effective and affecting millions !!

Consider the very first verse in our Bible and how Satan has cast aspersions on it in the minds and lives of people which in turn causes them to discount the Bible altogether.  The verse states, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Gen.1:1).   Its a general statement of the absolute beginning of creation.  It refutes, however, a lot of the “isms” in our world today. For example, “Atheism” or the belief that there is no God.  Gen.1:1 asserts the very opposite !    Some people believe in more than one or many gods “polytheism”. Gen.1:1 claims only God created.

Many Americans have fallen into the trap of “materialism” or the idea that matter is eternal. And those buying into this play it out by living for and lusting for more stuff thinking that will bring contentment. Yet Gen.1:1 says clearly matter is not eternal, it had a beginning and God made all that there is !     A huge “ism” known as “Naturalism” claims the universe is the result of natural evolving processes. Sound familiar, you who went to public schools?  This ridiculous yet widely accepted notion that we somehow evolved from apes, etc. totally defies what the Word teaches and claims to be good science. Just remember if you have been told this is good science there were those in the past who also held to a flat earth too. Men’s “science” changes, God’s does not !  If you want more great info on this check out the website !!

“Dualism” says God didn’t act alone when creating. Years ago the Pope came out with a teaching termed “Theistic evolution” in which he implemented dualism.  Yet Gen.1:1 simply says “GOD created” !!   And of course, “humanism”, the belief that man is the ultimate reality which is so accepted by the “educational experts” in our nation is quickly shattered by Gen.1:1 since God created man not the other way around !

So where Satan has duped many by casting doubt on the Bible’s opening line with all these “isms”, God in His infinite wisdom has effectively answered and shattered them all with a simple yet powerful stating of the facts !  That’s all we need friends in the face of the devil’s lies, the Word !  Isn’t that what Christ resorted to in Matthew 4 when tempted of Satan and the devil was sent “packing”?   So stand on what God has said not the shifting sands of man’s ideas for they will all fail you.  God’s Word will never fail you !


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