Blessed Assurance

Assurance is a word we speak of as Christians when we sing hymns or speak of eternal security. Its a very important concept that is very settling to the anxious heart.  Our hearts are assured when we, for example, start to tithe and see our needs still met and often times moreso. Serving the Lord as a pastor now for almost three decades and living by faith, including the paycheck, its been assuring to see that even when God’s people don’t come through to support the Lord’s work as they should He still is able to make sure our needs get met as we do what’s right.  Many times I have seen people with more steady  or larger incomes spin their wheels financially while He provides our needs. I keep assuring my wife my retirement plan really is out of this world ! Ha.

In Ps.119:121-122 the psalmist puts in ink, “I have done judgment and justice: leave me not to mine oppressors. Be surety for Thy servant for good: let not the proud oppress me.”   He was living for the Lord and truth is when we do this in a sinful world its easy to fear the repercussions and sometimes this tempts us to not walk by faith.  If I tithe I won’t have what I need, we think. Or if I do the right thing I’ll catch some flak for it we calculate.   In the word “surety” he uses this financial term to speak of his anxiety of wondering will God pledge to pay him or back up his commitment of faith.   Or to put it another way, “If I do what’s right, will God have my back?”  Assurance is needed and as he obeyed, assurance was shown.   Is there something you know God’s Word teaches you to do but you are fearful to do it, some step of faith you need to take but are afraid of launching out as if your “boat had no oars”?   Rest assured, if God’s Word is in it, you can “take it to the bank” !  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, remember?  And the hills as well !!  Why not put those anxieties to bed by trusting in God and letting Him assure you He is very real and able to meet your every need?!

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